From the Rockies to the Shores of Newfoundland

En premier lieu, je dois dire que je ne suis aucunement nationaliste pour des raisons qui vont par rapport au fait que je considère mon attachement à aucune nation particulière. Malgré tout pour des raisons académiques, il fallait faire de la poésie sur le Canada et en regardant mes archives de courriel datant de 2006, j’ai trouvé ce joli poème que j’ai composé dans la langue de Shakespeare. Or, je sais très bien que certaines personnes ne sont pas très friandes du sujet pour des raisons politiques ou constitutionnelles, mais je crois fermement que ça exprime une image et je crois que la meilleure chose est de la partager avec vous.

PS: Je n’ai absolument aucune objection que cela soit copié ou partagé, mais je vous demande svp de bien vouloir indiquer mon lien comme source/I don’t mind at all if you share my poem around, but I am asking you to please put the original link on this blog.

From the Rockies to the Shores of Newfoundland

Rockies, fjords or the Pacific, BC’s got it all
From the Fraser river to the Mackenzie
From the plains of Okanagan
To the Rockies highest peak
The Westerners are proud of their land

It’s surely got it all
From the salmon fisheries
To the hot springs of Banff
To the misty waters of Lake Louise
The Westerners are proud of their land

When sitting and sipping tea in Victoria
Or smelling flowers in Stanley Park
Our five senses are truly called upon
Vancouver has its multi-ethnic background
A true example of a Canadian mosaic
Chinese, Japanese, Korean are only a few
Of many different cultures alive and growing together
The Westerners are proud of their land

Calgary is the city of expansion
With over one million in population
It is becoming Canada ’s number one destination for the job market
This mega-city is a world of its own
From the oil fields of Fort McMurray to the stampede of Calgary
The Westerners are proud of their land

We must not forget the highest peak in Canada , Mount Logan
Located in beautiful Yukon
This territory is the home of the free and the gold
The Northwest Territories is the diamond territory of Canada
Small but it has the Great Lakes of the North
The Northerners are proud of their land

The Prairies stretches far and wide with its golden land
Wherever you are in Swift Current or Brandon
You can always smell the freshness of the wheat
The people of the Prairies are proud of their land

Manitoba is a province of French descent
St. Boniface and Portage-la-Prairie are a few examples
Of the strong heritage brought to us by Louis Riel
The Manitobans are proud of their land

Ontario is the province of the Great Lakes
From Thunder Bay to Kingston
These highways of water are a source of natural life
Niagara Falls is the true highlight
They nourish and feed the economy of Canada ’s biggest province
The Ontarians are proud of their land

Either the car industry in Oshawa and Windsor or the steel in Hamilton
Ontario has got it all
Toronto is the home of multi-culturalism
The mega-city of the future
The CN Tower that stands proud and free
While Ottawa is our bilingual capital city
Where the government makes its decisions
Where federal policies are established
The Ontarians are proud of their land

On the other side of the Ottawa River
Stands the oldest province in Canada
Québec was discovered in 1534 by Jacques Cartier
It is amongst the richest cultural province in Canada
The electrical power, pulp and paper are but a few
Of the natural treasures of this province
From Montréal to the oldest city in Canada Québec city
The Québécois are unique and proud of their culture
Over 7 million people are proud of their land

The Maritimes are the jewel of the fishing and the Atlantic
Four provinces that dominate this region
New Brunswick is renowned for its bilingualism, lobster and tides
While Nova Scotia is popular for its ports and scenery
PEI is our smallest province
But has the greatest potatoes and good people
It is where Confederation was signed in 1867
The Easterners are proud of their land

The last province but not the least is called Newfoundland and Labrador
It may be our last province to join the Confederation
But it has its own charm and character
The Newfoundlanders are surely proud of their land

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