Enough is Enough

First of all, I must say that I’m 21 years old and I am among those who will be tomorrow’s leaders. This is of course while a few people of my age group are even now at this time an active part of the labor market and this also as active taxpayers. Having a state that is unable to live within its means is worrying me at the highest point. I must say that I’m probably not alone in my generation who thinks that this is a big problem. Honestly,  it’s fair to say that a certain portion of the population in all occidental jurisdictions has been unfortunately hypnotized to the extant that they are to expect anything of the welfare state in a sort of accute dependency.

And yet, I want a less interventionist state, more individual responsibility and a state that stops taking people for a bunch of loofers while spending incredible sums of money left and right. This is especially ironic when the average person often has to make big sacrifices to make both ends meet. Honestly, I’m still young and I think that is people of my generation who will have to work until age 75 almost everywhere in the Western World, only for past election promises that were made on the backs of future generations only to win elections based on the short term. 

If we don’t have a political class who says the state of the situation instead of going into day-to-day electoralist politics, it will be downright impossible to make any lasting reform. But still, when the wall is hit, it will be inevitable regardless of the government in place. Greece may seem far removed geographically at the end of European continent for us, but the reality is that Greece is a jurisdiction that has failed to live within its means. Moreover, most ironic is that when this wall will hit with full force, our political class will wash their hands because they will tell us that all these program where made with good intentions and for our own good.


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