Who wants Kool-Aid?

It’s funny to see how some people reacts to the current Canadian government.

In fact, the more I think about it the more I will vote for them not for the intended reasons. As a fact, the more I see the mainstream media bashing them, the more I want to vote for them.

I believe in a limited gouvernment and honestly the Conservatives had been spending too much. However, to be frank with you, the other players are not better, because that are also promising anything to everybody to buy some votes.

But honestly, it’s funny to see the people criticizes the Harper government for weird things. I think people should criticize this government for spending too much money and I frankly find the current political sphere is Canada is more like a damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t game. The opposition were not happy in 2008 when the government was not Keynesian enough, well…the government had done an NPD-esque budget in 2009 and now the opposition is not happy with the deficit.

Again, the stealth fighters issue is an non-issue, as if it were was the Liberals in power, the media would have said nothing about  as there is always a double standard, as like people were thinking that the Liberals had somewhat of a mulligan to take a golf term, especially outside Québec or some parts of Western Canada. However, the good part at this is the Liberals could do some reforms like in the 90’s without the media doing too much fuss. After all, Liberal is good and Conservative is bad.

And please…stop the nationalist mumbo jumbo. I don’t care if Canada had a Security Council seat or not, because I cannot see how the UN could have any credibility after it have Libya as a leader in a women’s rights committee or even Iran in a human rights committee. In fact, any responsible country should do as little as possible in this circus.

Even with this, if you look at the term ideological, you won’t find many journalists using this term to describe the Liberals or the NDP.

But why? Is being a member of the CPC makes you suddenly more ideological?

Again, there are people on all sides drinking the kool-aid, but again, to all, please stop being so dependent on politics. Generally, people don’t like vampires, so I am very skeptical about the vast majority of politicians for the same reasons. But this could too much to ask especially for the do-gooders who wants the state to do everything, everywhere, at any time.

But again, in a few years, the Liberals will probably return to power and the double standard will continue…just like in the US with the current president especially with the non-US media. The non-US media have a tendency to love US presidents which are  incompetent and statists, as long as they are Democrats.

With this, I only wish ONE thing, please no more election for at least four years.


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