Journalists are thinking that YOU are stupid

Honestly, I laughed when I read this column.

Why? Because it’s a classical example of spin of the strawman type and this with a big dose of a do-gooder approach like many journalists are capable in the media industry. If you read outside the lines, you will see the some groups are more virtuous than others in the political agenda.

Of course, the author thinks that the conservative movement are using more this populist method than everybody else (BTW, I am not a conservative in the classic sense).

Weirdly, I am curious, does the Liberal Party have used the corporate tax issue as a  populist issue? Of course, they do because they see it as a wedge issue!

Just like the Bloc who are using Québécois values as a party tool with values which are in reality no different in many points than values shared with social-democrats all over the world.

And honestly, south of the border, the actual US president has made a campaign in 2008 actually based on a populist rhetoric. Again, if you look three years later, and this even if Obama is generally still popular outside his country, he was a total flop in many ways. People don’t realize this, but due to the politics of the last decades, the US are broke, and the current president had done absolutely nothing to put the reality on the table.

In conclusion, I believe that some journalists are somewhat scared of not having the monopoly on thought and ideas especially in the last few years.


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