Socialism 2.0

When I first saw this article, I was laughing.

Why? Because frankly, the author was trying to make a point, but she failed admirably.

Like some things, the private enterprise had become some kind of easy purgatory for socialists. In fact, it had become some kind of taboo among some people to talk about the virtue of free markets and to the fact that it’s not bad or malicious that a structure or organisation have some funding from other sources than the state. In fact, we should have more events which have zero funding from the state, by a matter of  pure principle and cultural independence. If Caribana have less state funding because of a name change, I think this is actually a really good news for all taxpayers.

But again, this text had made me think about something, does being for non-state funding makes you of a pariah in our socialized and nanny-statesque  society. Does 15 or more years in public schools makes you automatically fond by thinking that nothing could exists without the guardian state? And then, the problem is not about free enterprise, but as always, with the  »private » sector crawling around with the state. As a fact, this is not called the free market, this is called corporatism.

With this, however, I tend to believe that it is much easier to have good intentions as always. And ironically, I find socialists in Canada much more statists than their European counterparts. Take the census for example, in Canada the socialists think that the census is good to bring more government intervention. In the other hand, in a country like Germany, a quite sizable faction of the German left (and German libertarians/classical liberals) are saying that the census is unliberal and Big Brotheresque, even advocating for a boycott.


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