Yes to freedom, no to darkness.

In Canada and in my home province of Ontario, prostitution reform had been quite a popular topic of discussion among some circles. This is not surprising at all considering the cliché that says that prostitution is the oldest job in the world.

First of all, I must say that even if I am personally against this activity for ethical reasons, I consider that people who want to use this service have all the rights to use it. Of course, this activity must be between two consenting and major adults.

But, I believe that the argument runs far deeper than this, exactly like the situation in a few counties in Nevada where prostitution is legit.

In this specific case, when prostitution become a legit enterprise, this becomes a better situation for both the consumer than the worker, by the fact that the client can behaves like a normal customer, doing a normal transaction and this in a context of a free market and without any pressure.

Also, for the worker, this gives a work area which is far more safe and appealing than a not well-lit street corner.

Of course, these reforms don’t give a perfect situation, but it’s far better than the current catch-22esque situation.

With all this, I don’t see any problems however that provinces, counties or municipalities could have their own laws in this matter.


2 réflexions sur “Yes to freedom, no to darkness.

  1. Look, the state has decided that prostitution does not serve the public interest. Criminals should not be catered to.

    What’s next? We should legalize drug dealing to make it safe for drug dealers? Effing ridiculous! People do not have the right to break the law safely.

    If people want to change the law on prostitution, they should lobby for it. But they won’t.

    1. You know how much the war on drugs or on prostitution costs for taxpayers?

      And yes, just look at the amazing effects of alcohol prohibition when it was tried in the US.

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