How the Liberal Party will survive or not…

In Canadian federal politics, a few things have changed since the May 2nd election.

As a fact, I believe since they are now official a third party, the Liberal Party of Canada should do a 180 degree turn on some policies. If not, I believe that the only sensible solution will be to consider throwing the towel or merging by playing second fiddle to the NDP.

Here are my five solutions to the party. I must say something, these measures are somewhat radical, but the Liberals should maybe take the best of both the Conservatives and the NDP in term of their policies:

1)The party should become less confined to Trudeau and more to Laurier. Why? Because I don’t see how the Liberal Party is liberal if it is having a statist agenda just like the NDP.

2)The party should renounce it’s stance on being known as a party who want a centralized federal state, and instead work on accepting the fact that a decentralized Canada is the most liberal approach for a sustainable future.

3)The party should work more on having a real liberal stance on individual issues, and this especially with the fact that provinces should decide if they want to legalize drugs or prostitution without any constraint from the federal government. Also, the Liberal Party should be the first fighter for individual rights when a large government is going against basic individual rights.

4)On economic issues, the Liberal Party should be the party of free trade. Also, the party should put more emphasis on the question of individual responsibility.

5)On social issues and multiculturalism, the party should be for a position which is that people are free to live their own life in Canada from them and their family, as long as they don’t mess around with the freedom of others. With this, however, every citizen in Canada should know that certain things are not accepted, as this is the case in any liberal democracy.  In a liberal society, nobody should be over the criminal code, whatever it’s religion, ethnicity or country of origin.

With this, if the Liberal Party of Canada is only a watered down version of the NDP by keeping the status quo, the party will slowly dies, when the party incumbents in each riding which the party currently have will go one for one.


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