Amy and Norway

Firstly, I must say that the disaster in Norway is really something very sad and awful. Also, it is a total shock to the people in this relatively not very populated country that has not seen an event of this magnitude since World War Two. And yes, Norway is being recognized as being very quiet (ok, maybe apart from the Olympic Winter Games in Lillehammer in 1994 as a much more cheerful note then these events, however).

For the shooter who did a horrific carnage in the Labour Party’s young wing convention, just make it short, he hated libertarians/classical liberals.

So, in short, I must say one thing is certain, libertarianism or classical liberalism has nothing to do with this tragedy. And that even politicians in Norway know this very well, although it is often people who know nothing in politics in this country or Scandinavia in general, which sometimes emit some dubious thoughts. Despite that I generalize somewhat, the political « background » of this killer is nationalist and he offers ideas which are truly collectivist ideas in a clearly anti-immigrant background.

Obviously, in short, it is far too early to conclude in ANYWAY the motive for this individual to do something like that. One thing is sure, he is an unstable individual. To illustrate the fact that we cannot do any conclusions at this moment,  no one even knows precisely what is the exact relationship between the two attacks.

PS: Their should be an absolute avoidance at any cost of any rapprochement with these events and the firearms policy in Norway. Based on the Norwegian media, the killer’s arms were registered in good standing. Then again, outside Oslo or Bergen the vast majority of the population uses a firearm for recreational or work just like many parts of rural Canada. Even many people in big cities have a variety of cabins or caravans outside the city as many are out of the city in more rural areas on weekends and holidays.

What all this, on a very different note, I am quite sad for the passing of Amy Winehouse, despite that it was really someone who seemed to have a very extreme lifestyle (like a number of people in the artistic community) and this with important effects on both his physical and mental health. In short, to die at 27 is a tragedy whatever the reason, especially since I will soon reach this age.


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