The Melons

I must say one thing, I have great respect for some environmentalists who understand that a limited state and real property rights are a key to achieve better environmental management combined with an enhancement of individual civil rights and firmly against the police state.

For me, too,  being efficient with available resources and save more is something important as all resources are scarce.

However, I have many problems with « melons » who are green on the outside but red inside. Why? Precisely because they pick constantly on some players while refusing to understand that more often than not, they are very quiet when they talk about the sustainability of certain things, like the welfare state, for example.

In a way, the welfare state is probably a policy that has no sustainability beyond wanting to win votes in the short term to win elections during a few generations. So how can you be against waste in an individual use or for a business, but for an obese state that wants to put his nose everywhere at the same time?

They like to attack the bad companies or corporations, while remaining silent on the wasteful state which takes quite a large part of the GDP.

A good test to detect these melons? Take gas prices. Although it is highly taxed by the state, I respect greatly the environmentalists who are honest enough to say that when gas is more expensive in the market, this is going in fact to change habits and make that people find different alternatives (or substitutes) that offer a better cost/value ratio while encouraging investing more for research and development.

One thing, some melons have an absolute horror of free-market, while this tool is much stronger than you think to change the habits in a truly sustainable way. More than any law or policy which is often done only to ease the conscience of politicians who are wanting to win more votes.

Ironically, it is said that when I see Al Gore’s request to have fewer children, I must say that the prohibitive cost to raise a child these days is the best incentive to limit their number!


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