The end of big government?

In a way, I strongly believe that the big government policies in the Western world are now a thing of the past, only because the politicians in the last century had done elections promises on a credit card for future generations. In a few years, big government will be gone, not always by choice, but due to external matters. Even China and India, now have a astonishing number of individuals who are getting more prosperous by innovating even outside the state. The 21st century, could also be the century of Africa, as this continent had done steady progress from the base in the next years which is quite remarkable in many areas.

Now, when people thought that the recession was over in 2009 and Keynesianism saved the day, the next « overdose » will be probably something which will bring an end to big government. Also, even if some people tell you otherwise, Keynesianism only work in formulas and not in the real world apart for a short time to win an election. The actual US president had probably learned it in the last months.

The good part in that we will then become much less reliant on their politicians and they will probably cherish individual freedom and personal responsibility more than ever.

Why? Because in a way, people will believe then that the big interventionist government of the 20th century was only a mirage of epic proportions based on false illusions. A false utopia, based on jeopardizing the future generations for short term political gain to win votes.


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