He was good at his job, but he is not a God…

A day after Jack Layton’s (state) funeral, I am sad for his family and co-workers for his death at a relative young age. However, the more political this death had become, the more I find this awful. I think I would have been better if people talked more about the man or his battle with cancer and less about the party.

I never saw a funeral for a political figure which was so like the bad parts of a party convention. Things like that makes me uncomfortable whatever the party and this in some ways seems like a classic example of a  personality cult.

And yes, I talked to him one time and he is a nice fellow who is excellent at human relations, but again, being a politician was his day job for a long time.

PS: Nobody will know the real story and the case is now closed, but honestly, I find it weird to see a party leader who dies three months after he become leader of the official opposition, especially when people knew he had cancer in the last few years. Even if people could vote for the MP of the party of their choice, I find it morally wrong (but it is perfectly legal) that somebody be on the campaign trail at this time instead of being during five long weeks along family and friends who you know especially when there is a possibility that you don’t have a long time to live.


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