The truth is hard to sell

Remember the graphic about Ontario’s dire financial situation:

The problem is that in a way, nobody is telling the truth in this provincial Ontario election. Ontario is broke and if nothing is done about it there will be massive consequences.

Again, maybe politicos are thinking that denying this precarious situation during the election is a good idea to win votes based on doing some fearmongering on your political opponent, but honestly I find it better to see a politician who is saying the truth and not doing a 180 degrees turn after the election.

To be honest, after the election, whatever the next government will be Liberal or PC, or in a majority or minority, there will be some massive sacrifices to do. And yes, even the spin doctors are knowing this very well. Please stop thinking that people are stupid at this point and anybody who had done some basic arithmetic know that something is not right.

The new official slogan for Ontario provincial politics could be in this day and age: Let’s all deny this together.–cohn-prepare-for-post-election-pain-no-matter-who-wins-ontario-vote







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