I am who I am


Because honestly, I passed through a lot of hardships in my life and this without going down.

I have Asperger Syndrome (part of the autistic spectrum) and this didn’t stop me from going to university to have a specialized BA which I will probably finish in a few months and to have the capacities to try to be accepted into graduate studies as I will be the first person in my extended family to do graduate studies. When graduating through high school I won three awards for being first in my class. To be frank with you, some days it’s quite difficult being motivated and to concentrate.

I passed through a depression which lasted many months and this especially with the fact that a few times I was not sure if I could continue. I did a relapse a year after my first depression.  But I continued because I believed I could go further and I always believed I had some potential of doing something great.

It’s always easy for people to find people to blame whatever you know them or not and whatever that are real people or symbols.

But honestly, these people are quitters and I don’t like to be associated with these people.

I know a few people who had hardships (or an handicap) in their lives and this did not stopped them from doing the maximum that they could do within their own abilities. In fact, I found that people who had hardships in their lives generally have a special something which they do better then others.  I know people that were raised in social housing who became economists, entrepreneurs, doctors or dentists.

In conclusion, when you have a problem, it’s usually good to find help and to have a second opinion but you must sometimes do the rest of the road yourself. The first step is to try because you have nothing to lose.


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