Just a point

It is good to see some OWS protesters are being against the banking monopoly and the bailouts.

I am not sure however if the average OWS protester despises bailouts as a matter of statist policy. They’re just pissed at what they see as the government rewarding the rich. Most of them will gladly assist the government spending money on green energy lobby, ACORN, finanacial aid, and « living wage » and pensions.

Basically, this is naive at best, but totalitarian at worse.

In conclusion, is it more of the same to spend 50 million dollars of taxpayers funds for a green  »plan » than to give a bailout to the company XZY?

And again, it’s ironic to see than some trade unions are at OWS, because honestly many jobs in bailouted industries were union jobs which were giving big funds to trade unions. Take the car industry for example. In Canada, this is especially ironic to see a trade unionist in a car manufacturing union talking against Bay Street when the car industry in Canada had a big bailout from the government.


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