Freedom of speech is non-negotiable

Since a few years, a couple of events at some universities had beaten a very worrying path, which is that intellectual terrorism is applies in a few case, especially in case where social rectitude with an individual or a group of individuals is broken.

First of all, I believe that it is unacceptable if some people are incapable of accepting a multitude of ideas especially in an institution based on the exchange of ideas. This is one of the main role of an university.

For example, even through I am not personally anti-abortion, I believe that people or groups who consider themselves pro-life must have their place.  To deny the right of free expression to these groups is proof of an absolute intellectual mediocrity.

And then, when I see some pseudo-activists trying to ban some person (whatever his leanings) for speaking at an university, I say that these pseudo-activists would probably don’t like if a group would try to ban a person that they wanted to hear.

In this case, you cannot say that you are for free speech, and then wanting to ban it for some people. With this paradigm, you will finish at the end to ban free speech to every individual, because he is saying something that one person finds  »offensive ».

In conclusion, if  »giving » free speech applies only to groups which are considered  »politically correct », better say that we live in a soft-totalitarian state run by a politically correct self-censorship.


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