A libertarian argument against the current European Union

I must say that I never identified myself with the two main schools of  Euroscepticism.

The first one is the nationalist school. They are for a big interventionist state when it’s for their  »nation » and in some isolated cases are on the border of pure bigotry. And I am not for that.  I believe that protectionism is the best way to go directly to wars and social planning is the best way to destruct any society.

The second one is the socialist school.  Some socialists are against the European Union as we know it, because they think it is  »capitalist »  institution and it is not socialist enough. As a fact, I think they go completely in the wrong direction.

I am against the current state of the European Union exactly for the opposite of these reasons.

First of all, the UE had become an absolute nanny state in a way where bureaucrats are making laws which nobody knows exactly what is their meaning. And again, who are these bureaucrats? Nobody knows.

Second of all, I am an absolute supporter of unilateral free trade and free borders. I think that having free markets and not building walls brings peace which is on a more solid base than any piece of paper.  Again, the problem comes that in practice  »free trade » according to the EU comes with laws and loopholes which makes that a  »free trade » agreement could go in some cases for thousands of pages. At the end, it’s a form of protectionism and adding that some sectors of the UE (such as agriculture) are protectionist to the core. This is not free trade at all, it’s corporatism.

Third of all, I believe that many states in the Western world are not living within their means. We are talking a lot about Greece or Italy, but the UE technocracy is not the best example of frugality and accountability. They don’t respect taxpayers in the UE and this is becoming worse every year without anybody doing anything against it. This technocratic system don’t have any good mechanism of checks and balances and is becoming a  simple money hole where all actors to the top are for a bigger and more complex system because they are making a living out of it. Also, another big problem comes that some European members of parliament are having the job of European MP as a second or third job, as they have other political posts but they collect at the same time a few paychecks at the same time.

And I am not even talking about the monetary elements of the UE which were not realistic especially with countries which had different social programs but a same currency and a same monetary policy. Add also that Europe economy is really diverse which makes impossible in real life the application of the same monetary policies in Germany and Greece at the same time without consequences.

In conclusion, I am for free trade, peace and against the nanny state but is the UE today is going in this way? I doubt it.  This is not the UE of your father or your grandfather anymore.


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