The butter police

A pair of slippery smugglers were busted in Norway looking to peddle an illicit contraband – butter.


The two men, who snuck into the country from Sweden, were arrested with about 550 lbs of butter divided into 18-ounce packets, the Norwegian daily newspaper Adresseavisen reported.

They were nabbed Saturday, and both admitted to churning up the scheme, authorities said.


”They have confessed that they have bought butter in Sweden to sell at a profit in Norway,” legal counsel Amund Sand told the Adresseavisen.


A massive butter shortage has spread throughout Scandanavia in recent months, and is expected to last into next year. This has led to the blackmarket trafficking of butter in Sweden and Norway.

The two men arrested were looking to score more than $40 for each packet of butter, police said.

In a word, these guys are not criminals at all, they are freedom fighters.  The government is arresting these people when THEY are responsible themselves with the butter shortage by state planning in agriculture. I would not be surprised if politicians in Norway are having their own way to find black market butter. 


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