Why Ron Paul win the public, no matter his numbers.

Since he climbed in the polls in Iowa and New Hampshire, people had been talking a lot about Ron Paul.

He had been treated a lot of things by his detractors, a racist, an isolationist, a crook who believe in conspiracy theories.

But I believe like many people who followed him that Ron Paul is none of those.

Ron Paul had been very coherent during his years in politics.  For example, he endorsed Ronald Reagan in 1976 when he was running with a platform of limited federal government, while Paul had been critical of him in the latter stages of his presidency.

He had run as a Libertarian candidate in 1988 and had been at odds with the GOP establishment a few times in his career.

Personally, I like the policies of Dr. Paul for a few reasons:

-I believe in free markets and the concept of sound money. Even through, he is non-interventionist, I never seen somebody who believes so much in real free trade than Ron Paul.

-Ron Paul doesn’t believe in an interventionist military policy for the same reason that I don’t believe in this policy. I believe first of all that military expeditions are the best way to ruin a country financially. Also, he believed that an interventionist foreign policy could have big consequences with the concept of  »blowback ».

-Ron Paul believes in a real federalism. In a fact, is this normal to have states responsible for education, or for which drugs should be legalized? As a fact many federations don’t have a federal department of education and this is perfectly normal.

-Ron Paul also had been a very strong advocate of individual civil rights. Unfortunately, many politicians in the US have a tendency to have a double speech according to the party who controls the White House.

-Also, being in my 20’s, Ron Paul is interesting younger people to politics and this especially to go for policy over make-up.

Unfortunately, except for having encouraged some people to vote in November 2008 who are not usually voting, the current president’s first election campaign in 2007-2008 had been nothing else then wind.

The only difference is that the current US president is using drones instead of armed troops. The Patriot Act is still stronger than ever, the TSA is there and the federal government always wants to control more and more of our daily lives.

This is why people who criticize Ron Paul should know at first what he really stands for before criticizing him.


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