Five ideas for the Liberal Party of Canada

I must say that first of all, I’m a classical liberal and I believe that thousands of classical liberals / libertarians in Canada would be willing to get involved in the Liberal Party of Canada if the party changes some elements of its platform.1) The LPC must stop being a  »light orange » clone of the NDP,  and this especially to stop thinking that the federal government should do ocial engineering and social planning. This also means that although the history of the party is important, the party must stop looking to the past and go forward to the future.

2) The LPC must also stop believing that you must have a federal state which goes in areas of provincial jurisdiction. A liberal federalism (with a complete decentralization of powers in health or natural resources, for example) would be a much more liberal solution so that the canadian provinces could manage their own affairs themselves as mentionned in the constitution. It also includes more tax leverage powers for provinces, but this means that each provincial government will have to learn to live within their means.

3) The Liberal Party of Canada must be the party which protects individual freedoms.This means among other things that the party will have to stop believing in the concept of nanny-state who goes against the concept of individual choices. This also means that the party must also give the choice to the provinces if they want to liberalize drug use and prostitution if they wish. A pan-Canadian (or « one size fits all » approach) does not work in this context especially for a state as large as Canada.

But again, with individual freedoms comes personal responsibility too. It is necessary that individual initiative must be central to the lives of all people living in Canada. This goes equally to Aboriginal people who needs to have real property rights and become real citizens on their territory as with the fact that the Canadian who owns a property must also owns what beneath it.

4) The LPC must also proposes a reform to make the federal tax code easier and this to make it more sustainable for the future. This means that among other, that the vast majority of deductions and tax credits must be eliminated, while making the tax bracket as simple as possible to apply even if it means a lower marginal rate but with no deductions or tax credits.

5) The LPC must also provides fiscal sustainability for future generations. In other words the Canadian federal state must learn to live within their own means. This includes that some federal ministries must be abolished because they are duplicated in a provincial matter and this that sacrifices would have to be done in the next years like sacrifices that any family will do when the financial situation is more difficult.

Also, this element requires that certain members of the LPC must stop to consider free trade as an enemy, and to consider that it is much more sustainable to minimize all forms of protectionism, be it with tariffs, taxes or other barriers as a protectionist policy based on coercion cause far more harm than good for the average Canadian.

If the LPC shows a real effort to apply these principles, I believe that the PLC can really consider himself a liberal part. A party that will seek opportunities to those who believe in individual freedom and personal responsibility, while having a federal state that promotes smart federalism and not some sort of knows-best centralism.

From what I see, state multiculturalism is so utopic as a public policy that many new Canadians find that I talk to find this policy just weird. What they want is a government that understands the opportunities of new Canadians who comes to Canada to work hard and this while making many sacrifices to have a successful life, while respecting the fact that they could live their own destiny for them and their family without being harassed by an interventionist state who is telling them what to do with their own life.

Also, being a liberal is understanding that a very important thing is that a person who works hard should enjoys the prosperity that his hard work brings to himself, his family and all of society. It’s not by having a state who is thinking that a prosperous person is a simple lemon to squeeze for more money. Again, being prosperous don’t always means that the person is rich because you could be prosperous with an average salary if someone is living within their means.

So, in conclusion, the LPC should return to the ideas of Laurier. This also means that the Liberal Party of Canada should leave socialism to the NDP to return to coherent liberalism and smart federalism.  The LPC went downhill the day when it wanted to become a clone of the NDP, so in 2011, many Canadians have decided to switch from the clone to the real thing.


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