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In his article, Andrew Coyne, have found the first syndroms but not the whole disease. Again, I love Andrew Coyne for one thing as we both have the same ideas on the role of a free market and market-based solutions in a free society. I am quite younger that he is but he seems like an interesting fellow to talk to. I just don’t hope he goes one day into politics to sell his soul for a black limousine. 

I am an outsider, never had been a member of any political party because I don’t want to sell my soul at my relative young age. I tend usually to vote, but I can be in some cases a non-voter. I am more a ideological person then a party person like a fair number of people.

But something was I find is that basically, it’s not cynism to say that all parties who aspire to go into power are using borderline methods. This is a fact.

Also, doesn’t means that something is  »legal » then it is necessarily fair play. Do you think that a party which have mountains of cash given by a union monopoly (based on state-sponsored coercion) is any better for example?

The opposition will tend to look clean and say what the public want to hear as their opposition job, but in fact, I find all parties in Canadian politics to be run by people who would not even be able to run a small business. Just to stay in business, the convenience store owner have probably more skills then the average minister. 

And you think your party is better then the others? Think again, because it’s very easy to find that all political parties in power have gone through some sleaze. I am sure that many things done in the past will be never discovered. 

For example, the NDP thinks that they control everybody and let them all sing Kumbawa while the Liberals (aka the NDP lite) are so desperate that they are run (by interim or not) for a former NDP technocrat who have leaded his province into quasi-oblivion. 

I am also very cynical about the journalistic class. I believe that the media is extremely important as a good opposition  »party » or as the fourth branch of government. Many all want to have their  »gotcha » moment but don’t realize that in many cases they groupthink too much. Some journalists also tend to think also that people are simpletons with their overuse of stereotypes which makes some of their work taste in quite a few cases just like pre-cooked re-heated food. 

They don’t understand one thing, generally taxpayers in this post-modern world are voting (when they are) for the LEAST bad of parties. 

But again, I find in the last few weeks that many actors tend to think that they are above the law. 

Whatever they are the former party leader who paid a party position with public funds or the staffer who likes to play into personal mud fighting into the divorce of a minister to have a 30 seconds of fame.

Could the real problem like in other western countries be actually that a state could become so big that it brings people who wants to control everything on a power trip, and this with loads of money to control. Take the current US president who is still capable of saying  »I don’t know what I am doing » with a big smile and empty weasel words. But again, so few journalists outside the US have understood his game.

We’re not talking about the Harper as Richard Nixon paradigm because like all politicos Stephen Harper will be replaced someday by somebody else, but if we go much deeper then this, maybe the whole idea of a professional politician is a non-sense in this day and age.

And yes, I don’t know who is worse, the Harper lovers or the one who hates him while loving another control-freak politician or another party colour. Doesn’t means that you hate Harper that your party colour is any better. 

Give six or seven years to any political party and they will probably become as corrupt (and/or incompetent) as anybody else that preceded him.


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