Am I alone in considering that despite the great usefulness of polls in a free society, it is clear that an excessive use of this mechanism could kill all polls in the long run?

Again, this doesn’t mean at all that polls during elections should be banned at any cost. This policy may actually lead to much more harm than good.

I know that sometimes a survey is something easy to put as news and for an easy easy headline, but honestly, a poll is nothing but a photo that can change greatly over time. Any poll has clear limits and should be not a considered  »sexy » enough to be used as a sensationalist headline.

Also, it’s crazy to see that these polls have become a sort of political  »ideology » where some people are ready to jump the bandwagon on anything (or any leader) which is doing well according to these same polls.

Just look at the current situation in the Australian Labor Party for example to see that we live in a pollocracy.


Une réflexion sur “Pollocracy

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