Double standard

As I said in my last post, some political figures have somewhat of a free ride with the media.

Which are good examples?

My first one is none other then the Mayor of Quebec City, Régis Labeaume who have no structured political opposition at all, even among the media except maybe for a couple of radio hosts, as talk radio is quite popular in Quebec City area . With his populist appeal (and the fact that he can shut up the journalists who are péquistes with the fact that he has links to the  PQ). Add also to the top of this that he says many things that the media want to hear. With all this, Labeaume could actually have big scandals without any negative effect among his fanboys in the media. Among them is a contaminated land for his future NHL arena which will could possibly be a blackhole for taxpayers of this city. Add also thousands of taxpayers dollars that he had given to a known impostor.

If his name was Rob Ford and he would be in Toronto, a mayor doing these types of actions would have been stoned publicly. But he is lucky, his name is Régis Labeaume and he is close to the media party.

My second example is the premier of Quebec Jean Charest. You might say, well, Charest he is unpopular, but think again, he is capable of staying in power. And then, even through he is corrupt to the bone, big government lovers are quite loving since 2006 at least.

Even trade unions are quite keen to not be too much against Jean Charest, because he is expanded the public sector in many areas which gives more cash to public trade unions.

Why? Because actually, a good number of people who are critical of Jean Charest are not because of his policies of the last 4-5 years. A good part of Charest’s haters are not hating him because of his policies, because he is a fan of a big interventionist government. The media are loving the Jean Charest who is feeding them with public funds and corporatist perks. This is why that even some journos will be critical of him, their will take his spin all along to keep their perks.

My third guy is Dalton McGuinty.

Why he is staying in power is basically because he the type of paternalist politician that the journalistic old guard of Ontario journalists tend to love.

In other word, a guy like Dalton McGuinty is like the current US president among many Canadian journalists, he could do anything and there will be a number of journalists which will still give him the benefit of the doubt.

The state of public finances, who cares? I will blame it on Hudak. And my buddies at Working Families will do the dirty work for me. It’s not my fault if  nobody mentioned this during the last election.

EHealth? No problem, I am premier Dad. It’s the fault of Mike Harris and Rob Ford. Let put all-day kindergarten even through my man Drummond asked me to scrap it.

ORNGE scandal? Ah well…this is from last year and nobody have talked about this during the last federal campaign. Let’s blame it on Bill Davis. No, not, Bob Rae, he is on our team now.

Who cares, I was the pyromaniac and I will now be the firefighter. I am premier Dad, I know what is best for you.


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