The Fake Liberal Party

I present you a new party. The Protectonnist Party of Canada with their interim acting permanent current Leader, whatisname again, oh yeah Bob Ray-man.

No seriousely, this  »Liberal » party of Canada has no future.

Why? Because honestly, the only thing that was separating the Liberals and the NDP was that that (some) Liberals had some basic notions of economy.

Even through there were not perfect, actually, Liberals like John Manley or Frank McKenna make sense while speaking.

But with the party current position on supply management let me just say that the Liberal Party has nothing Liberal or  »progressive ».

In fact, with their love of the nanny state and with their defense of supply management, the Liberal Party are in fact hurting the poor while protecting corporatist interest. And then a case could be made that supply management does not even help farmers by making them live in a  »frozen economy ».

And I go further, I would say that the LPC is neo-paternalism in a way because they think that somebody knows best, which is the lobbies…sorry…the state.

Is using state power for a corporatist interest, the exact antithesis of classical liberalism?

The one which people like Wilfred Laurier, William Gladstone, Frédéric Bastiat and Richard Cobden fought very hard against while being elected officials.

And again, I am clearly wondering what the LPC doing at Liberal International, where there is actually some Liberal party which at least have some good liberal policies.

Ironically, pundits in the Liberal Party of Canada love quoting Laurier without actually knowing any of his policies.

This is sad, because a great number of Canadian voters are free-marketers while being  »live-and-let-live » socially.

This goes beyond the passé paradigm of «left» and «right» and goes at a which is « authoritarianism» vs. «liberty». This is the political axis of the 21th century.

And you know what is fun with freedom? It lets you try, sometimes do mistakes be in other cases find prosperity and advancement in your everyday life. What makes a free society great, is that it is a society that is not frozen, that will sometimes have hardships but sometimes great victories.   


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