Why the Gay Pride had become the antithesis of individual rights

First of all, I have nothing against the Gay Pride and the fact that two men or two women could live in a couple if they love themselves and have a contract formalizing this union.

However, what I don’t like about Gay Pride during the last few years is that it had a collectivist mindset which goes against the same essence of individual freedom. This is why many gay people that I know are becoming more and more confused and sometimes openly hostile about the mandate of this celebration. 

Even through politicians love to go to the Gay Pride to get votes from a  »community » (and since when people vote as a bloc due to their sexual orientation?), the Gay Pride had given the impression that the Gay Pride as an event IS representative of a sexual orientation. 

Well, if a politician or public figure don’t go to the Greek Festival or the Chinese New Year, does this means that he is anti-Greek or anti-Chinese?

In another words, it’s close to the fact that if you don’t want to go to the Gay Pride for X , Y or Z reason, you are branded as anti-gay. So, with this logic, are individuals who are guy who don’t go to the Gay Pride are also anti-gay?

Individuals who are gay had fought for many years to have their rights as individuals and this without been chased by the state. This is troubling that people who organize the Gay Pride have the some collectivist mob mentality of people who believe that every individual should think and be alike. In both cases, this tribalism have given place to a easy caricature where stereotypes are amplified (even if they are done  »ironically » in many cases). 

So, in conclusion, my strong advocacy of tolerance, laissez-faire and respect, also comes with a strong caution about the people who think that their event is representative of a whole community (or group of individuals) and this, especially by doing a witch hunt of those who are not interested by this event. 


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