Paul Krugman probably don’t read this blog…

I despise Paul Krugman.

Not because of his academic work but because he had become everything an economist should not become.

As you probably know, Krugman has an important tribune in the New York Times, I would have loved if Krugman would use this platform to be anything then low-key partisan ranting.

Please, leave low-key ranting to politicans who want to win votes. It degrades everything you to a simple cartoon version of yourself.

And Neokeynesian or not, I also see one worrying trend about Krugman, is that he is becoming more and more militaristic, to a point that any  »big » policy will be good to  »stimulate » the economy whatever the long-term consequences.

Having a war is not stimulating the economy at all, it’s just destroying everything and this by considering that any ressources used for war or any  »big » policies to stimulate the economy could be used for something else.

It’s short term gain for long term pain.

PS:Two things for those saying the  »yes but Krugman has a Nobel Prize »

1)Look at the work that he had done to get his Nobel Prize. I don’t think the 2012 Krugman rants will get any Nobel Prize in anything.

2)Having a Nobel Prize don’t make you immune to critism. Just look at Barack Obama who won a Nobel Peace Prize and this while waging wars and not reducting at all the US gouvernment military interventionnism. Considering the Fast and Furious scandal, did anybody had a Nobel Peace Prize for the Iran-Contra Affair?


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