Why classical liberalism could be a winner for Canadians

Never mind the current (pseudo) Liberal Party of Canada, what Canada needs is classical liberalism.

But what is exactly classical liberalism?

Basically, classical liberalism is the opposition of (left or right wing) socialism in a way that classical liberalism is based on individual rights, a government which lives within its means and free markets. Also, classical liberalism is for national defense but against military expeditions and any statist forces which are intrusive in our lives as individuals.

Classical liberalism is also for sound money, property rights as a tool of social emancipation and a social policy which is based on one main aspect,  »live and let live ».

Also, classical liberalism is the enemy of corporatism, whatever  »goodies » that any given organization have by the state, then for organizations which are trying to use state power to get their means and ends.

This is why as opposed to modern North American pseudo-liberalism, classical liberals see social enginnering as something dangerous to all citizens because it gives too much power to the state.

In conclusion, I do think that especially based on the fact that Canadians should look into classical liberalism and see it as the best of both worlds.

Ideas which leads to a substainable future for our children and grandchildren, ideas that put personal initiative before  »do-gooder » paternalism and ideas that put genuine solidarity before the nationalisation of  »good ».

And winning the battle of ideas is much more important (and much more difficult) in this case then winning the political battle which is the easy task.


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