Indecision 2012

One thing about this 2012 US presidential election, it was a really boring election campaign more based on trivial things then any type of real policy discussions.

Big bird and bayonets, yeah, seems more out of a bad TV show for pre-school children then off of the CEO of the biggest governement on Planet Earth.

But it goes further then that, this election was a proof that many  »observers » outside the US have a lot of difficulty understanding how the US system works.
Politics in the US is a really complicated game and I do think that the presidential campaign takes too much space for the real value of the position after the election, but frankly, it’s interesting and there is a lot of interesting races to follow.

To any reader of my blog who is an American voter and undecided for who you vote for, I will not tell you who to vote for, but two suggestions.

-If you live in a state which is not a swing state, consider voting for a third vote, I know that many people are keen voting for a given candidate for voting  »against » the other candidates of the two main parties.

It could well give a message.

-If you live in a swing state (in other word any state which Obama or Romney goes often), vote for the least  »worse » of candidates whatever the party.

But then, a few world of the two main candidates:

Many people living outside the US don’t understand the fact that Obama had a terrible mandate and this especially with the issue of transparency. He cannot blame anyone else but him and his team for this.

Why he is ahead is probably only because of the fact that Romney do not had a strong platform on Obama’s weaker points.

President Obama was elected in 2008 in a shallow platform of things that nobody remember anymore, and he had done terribly not well.

He had a disastrous foreign policy which is more interventionnist and more war hawk in some cases even then the former president.

The Fast and Furious and the Benghazi scandals are not small scandals, they are scandals which were due a breach of trust. Fast and Furious was something as bad as the Iran-Contra Affair, only difference is that Mexicans are paying the price for the blowback of this policy straight out of a good Vin Diesel movie.

The White House had also been terrible on transparency, as Obama is starting a new scary trend, which is to sign executive orders for everything without passing through Congress.
Obama is in a way the former professor of constitutionnal law who don’t respect the US Constitution when he is sitting in the Oval Office. It’s ironic but very illustrative of how his fans (and I am not talking about Americans voting for the Democratic Party) and the pundits who are supporting him that their principles are really shaky and not based on a lots of principles.
Many people had feared that the former president was too  »imperial » in his scope, are saying that this trend continues again and again.

Economy-wise, it’s true that Congress is responsable for a big part of the US federal gov’t, but Barack Obamanomics is all based on winning his reelection.

He has his hands tied because unions related to the public support are supporting him and

His economic policy is basically based on winning his second term and not on a real reformist vision. But let just say that this is a big problem also on Capitol Hill, where many politicians (except for a few good exceptions of course) want to reform military spending (which is out of control), social security (ditto) or Medicare (of course, older people do vote).

This is why and because of decades of bad policies that the US federal government is close to bankcruptcy.

The cliché of a mainstream Republican or Democrat in Congress only wants more federal pork for his district and this while saying that the opposite team is really bad.

But a big problem that I have with some Obama supporters is that the race card is sometimes way too demagogic in scope, especially that if Romney wins, it will be because of swing voters who supported Obama in 2008.

If Obama policies made him a principled reformist in policies for future generations, I would not mind if he his skin color was black, white, yellow, brown, red or purple.

But yes, many African-Americans are not very keen with Obama’s policies. They see him as not very cooperative of African Americans who are entrepreneurs or African Americans parents who love school choice/charter schools to bring the best education possible to their children for a better future.

Note that Obama pro-choice policy only really applies on a foetus in a women’s body and not much else. Obama had not been very much  »pro-choice » on education, on drugs, on self-defense or on immigration because he was the president who deported the most illegal immigrants in history.
So, even through Romney is far from perfect and is usually very similar to Obama in term of policies (even on a lot on social issues) and has not even a lot of pratical solution to make the US federal governement get off of this on-going quagmire, I cannot see how there could be any good case of giving another term to President Obama.

And yes, Mr. Obama, you are critical of Romney of doing cuts to PBS (which are trivial and microscopic unlike the big things that no major party wants to touch) but what is exactly your plan to end borrowing to pay for the grocery bill?

In conclusion, let’s hope to see more and more people in Congress who are talking about  »outside-the-box » ideas.


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