Is being pro-freedom left or right wing?


Being for freedom goes way beyond being ‘‘left’’ or ‘‘right’’ wing in the classical sense. Why? Because those two labels are incomplete to explain how somebody who is pro-freedom thinks. For example, a socialist thinks that controlling some things for the ‘‘common good’’ is good for society while the person who is ‘‘right wing’’ thinks that his conception of moral values should applies to everyone.

This is exactly why these two labels are incomplete as both are based on one-size-fits-all attitudes. How could you be for an economical policy based on planned outcomes and for a laissez-faire approach in social values at the same time?Will having an interventionist approach on one side will leads sooner or later to interventionism of the other side? Even with the best intentions in the world, this does not make sense at all as being for an interventionist state on one part will sooner or later have similar effects for the other side. This is just like the person who is ‘‘right wing’’ who believes in a limited government but not in some domains where the state could be very intrusive like in national security, national defense or on social issues.

However, as opposed to somebody who is ‘‘left-wing’’ somebody who is pro-freedom believes that social values are not to be dictated by the state. In other words, to take the question of marriage as an example, somebody who is pro-freedom believes that the state should have nothing to do with it. This means that two people could marry because of a commitment based on love, but not to have any other special perks as the state whatever they are different or same sex couples.


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