Why freedom helps the less fortunate

1)School choice for the many:

Education is just too important to be left to one actor alone.

Instead of having school boards and a big one-size-fits-all bureaucracy devoted to education, why not put independent schools and give school vouchers. A top-notch education for everyone to have a better life.

Each pupil (normal or with special needs) will have a specific amount of money in their voucher to choose the school of their choice.

2)Welfare, not bureaucracy or patronage:

Does welfare really helps the less fortunate and does it had become a tool for micro-managing society and win votes?

Instead of having arbitrary laws and a large bureaucracy and a panoply of laws related to welfare, why not have a system of a citizen allowance.

A given citizen will have a check. Instead of having welfare (and pensions for seniors) which are complex and bureaucratic in scope, we must limit the number of actors and intermediaries.

Of course, this system means that all bureaucracy related to welfare will be ended. This also means that micro-managing (based on political or structural factors) will be ended by the state.

3)A tax code based on common sense, not on special interests:

The so called progressive tax system is hurting the poor. Why? Because it had become so complicated that it had become a playground for statocrats and it’s quite easy to find loopholes in the thousands of pages in the tax code especially for people who are well connected.

Tax credits are also used for politicians as a way to get easy votes and to micro-manage society.

Having a flat tax with no tax credits would be a better way so that the system would be simpler and with an equal playing field for everyone.

4)Less protectionism, means more money in your pockets:

One policy which hurts the poor the most is protectionism  Take agricultural protectionism  In order to satisfy one industry, you penalize a variety of groups.

People who are less fortunate tend to pay more for food products. When the prize of your milk in one of the highest in the world due to supply management, you are penalizing people that only a few more dollars in their pockets could make all the difference in the world.

Protectionism also hurts less fortunate countries by making their agricultural sector not competitive and this especially since the best way to prosperity for less fortunate countries from the bottom-up is to trade.

So, in the long run, in order to satisfy one lobby, you are making the life of people who are less fortunate worse.

This is exactly why that protectionism have the same effect as any conventional war.


Une réflexion sur “Why freedom helps the less fortunate

  1. Exceptional post however , I was wondering if you could write a litte more
    on this topic? I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit more. Thank you!

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