Why do you hate the poor?

The 2013 budget…sorry 2013 phase of the Canadian government Economic Action Plan was announced last week.

Not too many surprises (or costly gimmicks), except a course a surprise revision of tariffs (which is the first since 1974).

I am for scrapping all tariffs as they are a form of  arbitrary racism, but let me just say that having an unpredictable policy in tariffs will have great consequences especially among poorer Canadians.

It’s an hidden tax on poorer Canadians and on those doing business especially considering that the goal of these measures is to raise more government revenues.  

Someone will have to pay for this rise in tariffs whatever the business in reducing their costs, or the customers  as the business will have to raise their prices. And the raise in the price of goods will do nothing to help the situation of poorer Canadians.

You know what will help poorer Canadians? Free trade. This is why all tariffs should be ended.


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