Sorry Doctor, no root cause treatment for me

On this whole root cause of this tragedy in Boston, let me just say that I am afraid that there is no answer.

One thing however, based on their personal preferences, everybody sadly have their best case scenario of a token terrorist description. The next time maybe should wait a little bit before doing prognostics on who the suspect is.

The two brothers that have done these attacks were not foreigners, they were living in the US, and they were both doing things which normal people in Boston were doing. But putting easy answers will lead to a big problem sooner or later. If we write pre-defined conclusions, for example by thinking that everything is society’s fault and that nobody, nowhere have any level of responsibility  we play the same game as any bigot. We put some people into predefined groups. Whatever Muslims, people of the Jewish faith, people who are pro-life, people who are Shinto. This is dangerous, and everybody in this Earth have a different life story. When you travel, you realize early, that there is (a lot) of good people everywhere.

I am sometimes critical of the US government foreign policy (this because I have a great respect for Americans, I go to the US often and I am scared that the constitution is less and less respected and this is very worrying), but let me just say that being guilty will not lead to many positive things.

The vast majority of people of the Muslim faith are not stupid. They see the difference between people living in the US and the action of the US government  They see people who do attacks on civilians all in the name of their religion as stupid as the average Christian see the Westboro Baptist Church as representative of their Christian faith. Yes, some hate the actions of the American government (like they do also in many cases also with their own government) but you will see very few people in any part of the world thinking that hurting children and civilians is a positive thing.

And what’s sad with terrorism and that it always leads to more and more state involvement in our lives as a reactive action. We have never seen before a whole town being under a pseudo-kind of martial law while police forces decide which businesses stay open or closed. This is scary and this comes exactly against why the United States were founded.

Yes, anybody should be 100% critical of *any* religion which leads into totalitarianism  Sorry, I don’t believe in cultural relativism. Talibans are talibans whatever their faith. If you kill people because of their faith, you have a problem.


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