Punditocracy. A good or a bad thing?

We all love to put our grain of salt in a given story. Especially with the rise of social media this had taken a whole new toll, as information is fast, easy to access and easy to share and to comment on, we tend to all become armchair pundits. Of course, social media is incredible because never in the history of humanity does information have come so fast from one part of the world to another in only a few seconds.

But with the rise of insta-actuality comes insta-punditocracy, something which is very human especially when we are at a time where almost anything is fast. I am sometimes myself an impulsive (and obsessive) person for quite a few things, but I know very well that it’s not very wise to jump to conclusions before knowing the whole story especially after a catastrophic event.

Of course, if you are a politician who wants to win votes, a pressure group who wants to mobilize resources you want to use any given event to score cheap points based on the impulsive mood to jump to conclusions. And yes, even the legacy media are using these tactics, because when you have very few information available, it’s quite easy even for an  »expert » in a given domain to give any conclusions which makes any sense.

And yet, being impulsive NOW sometimes makes you seem stupid later in time. I know it sometimes sucks to be patient, but it’s sometimes the only good thing to do have a clear idea on anything especially when it’s something complex. 


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