How to win based on policies in Canadian politics

In the news today on this scotching hot day inside the Queensway, Stephen Harper have shuffled his cabinet.

Doing a cabinet shuffle is one thing, but I think policies must change too.

Here are a few things that a new cabinet could put in a new throne speech.

Of course, if Flaherty is capable to have a balanced budget, it’s a good start. Ending agricultural protectionism is also a good thing for customers, some baby steps are made in this domain.

1)Senate reform. Impossible to abolish the Senate considering some provincial opposition to it?

Innovate. Do a reform where senators are elected by provincial legislatures. Having a real federal upper chamber would be much better than having a chamber of patronage.

2)Fiscality. There is two years until 2015. There is still enough time to put in place a good sustainable fiscal policy. Please no more designer policies and end the gazillion tax credits. Instead put a flatter and lower tax. You do this, you pay this and people who make less money should be encouraged to work by having a higher threshold for people who pay no tax. Also give a break to Canadians by lowering the sales tax on gas.

And yes, end tariffs as soon as possible.  We’re in 2013, we don’t need iPod taxes or a tariff code which is longer than the Bible and as easy to manipulate by its meaning.

3)Pension plans. No doubt that big reforms will be needed for having any sustainability for next generations.  No easy solutions for that. No doubt that sooner or later people will either have to give me money to their pension plan or to have a lower pension.

4)Drug policy. Many in the Conservative caucus want a drug policy reform. Why? It’s less expensive for taxpayers. End the prohibition of marijuana for a start and have a drug policy based on me rather than repression which leads nowhere.

5)The secret weapon. The Tories could win the 2015 election with 40% of the vote. How? If they are capable of opening the telecom market to bring more competition. For many Canadians who have a lower income or who are younger, having competition for their mobile phone will do a difference in their daily expenses. Corporatism right now is for the status quo, but opening the telecom market will help the little guy to have a better life. Then will then say, hey the Conservatives had done a policy which helps me. Instead of other parties, I have a policy which actually bring me more money in my pockets. On cellphone bills, on food, more free trade and less protectionism bring lower prices to directly help poorer Canadians.


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