The puritan mindset of #twittersilence and #takebacktwitter

I never understood the point of #twittersilence or #takebacktwitter.

Is this what activism had become? A game of being of constant shut off, of being a tortoise in a shell. Rather than fight with the power of the pen you choose to close yourself.  

Also,  »Take back Twitter »? Take back Twitter from what, was Twitter really better a few years ago at the start? Was Twitter better when only a few geeks were connected or when Facebook was only for students in a few select universities?

Only a few centuries ago, Puritans and other religious zealous had the same paternalistic mindset. We don’t like something? We should ban it or  »take it back » to a magical yesterday where everything was supposedly better and more righteous.

Social media is like life. Almost everybody have access to it, and with some downsides, there is some amazing things that could be done with this tool.

People who had this idea and created the medium are revolutionaries in a way. Even more so than any politician or other ruler right now on Earth.

You can communicate for next to nothing with people all over the world, you can make new friendships based on common interests and in some cases, social media makes it easier to have more transparency. Media is not a one way street anymore, it’s a two way street.

Of course, there is abuse and bullying on social media, but the power of social media is that it’s all based on reputation. As much as a person could abuse somebody else, other could pass the word that some person is doing abuse. I was myself bullied myself at school, a decade before social media was popular. It’s (sadly) something which is very human.

And there is a big difference between  »trolling » and  »abuse ». The legacy media don’t seems to understand this point, trolls are sometimes no more than 21th century jesters. Of course, abuse is not acceptable, but in some cases the  »block » button is much better than any sort of Twitter police.

So, if you don’t like social media for any reason, you can get off of this medium, but please don’t be such buzzkills for people who see something good with social media. Even today, as a counter-attack against this #twittersilence meme, some had used the hashtag #inspiringwomen to talk about women who are doing something constructive with their lives. 

I love this era, it will never cease to amaze me.


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