Justin Trudeau, patrician in chief of #cdnpoli.

I honestly don’t care if Justin Trudeau rabble about the middle class, my problem is about his own lifestyle. He is not preaching in his own actions what he is saying.

I do understand that both Trudeau father and grand-father come from a confortable background, and even if I respect how his grand-father as an hard-working entrepreneur, I find Trudeau obsession with the  »middle class » weird.

Is this doing this only because pollsters and focus groups are telling him this is a good talking point?

Of course it’s a good to put emphasis on policies, and I am still curious to see which are Trudeau’s policies (he had good drug reform policies), but I do find that Trudeau is high on bling and low on policies.

I know Ottawa well. I lived near Rockcliffe (in New Edinburgh) for about 7 years in the past. The neighborhood is not a middle class enclave, even to the point that no city buses enter very far in the district. And yet, as an MP Trudeau was living in the Chateau Laurier? Really? The Fairmont Chateau Laurier is not like Hampton Inn, the Chimo Hotel or the Marriott which are other hotels where MP are staying.

Note that my problem here is not the fact that Trudeau comes from a 1% background (as the Occupy Wall Street people would say), but rather that Trudeau is like many politicians someone who has a double life, who love shredding his patrician image only to ponder for votes. Of course, if will not be the first or the last to do that, politicians like Tony Blair, Jack Layton, Pauline Marois, Belinda Stronach or Bob Rae love changing their image based on who they are talking.

This is why I do believe that in many cases, the best free-marketers, reformist leaders are not Patricians, but rather people coming from a very nondescript background.


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