How to tweet like a #libertarian

1)You ratio of following other libertarians with statists must be at least 2:1 in order to find others who will RT and favorite your tweets. Being a libertarian means also creating your own memes, even if only 3 or 4 of your followers understand them and the rest of them think you are crazy.

2)Half of your tweeting time must be used to find people who think being a libertarian is eating babies, being a millionaire’s club or it’s like living in Somalia and put arguments forward to them in tweetfights.

3)Libertarians must be skeptical about everything. Do it like your life depends on it. Your ratio is  »criticality » against right-wing and left-wing statists should be close to 50:50.

4)Don’t ever think of talking about the eternal libertarian dilemma about who between Mises and Rothbard is better. It will start a civil war between your fellow libertarians. Just like talking too much about Ayn Rand.

5)Note that having a picture with Ron Paul and/or an RT/Favorite from Glenn Greenwald puts your higher in the libertarian twitterati, whatever if this is a real thing or not.


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