The Novel where you are the hero, the Syrian Civil War edition

Remember those books when you are the hero and you choose your own story?

Suppose you are the police chief of a major city which currently have a war between different gangs, you have three choices:

1)Give arms to the newer gangs, so they can fight against the older established gangs. However, there is a chance that the newer gangs use the arms that you give them against you.

2)Use your police forces, so they can kick out the older established gang in order for another gang which seems more friendly to you to take control. Of course, you will lose many men when doing this and some gangs in other cities will probably help the gangs you are fighting against.

3)Trying to help civilians who are in this war but not do any police intervention.

Ok, so, let me change a few words:

Suppose you are the Commander in Chief of the United States and you have currently a civil war in a place called Syria, what should you do?

1)Give arms to the rebels. But you don’t know many things about them. You are scared that later, they could use those arms against you like the US giving arms to Afghans rebels in the 1980’s fighting against the Soviet Army. Or more recently, the famous Fast and Furious where the US secret services had given arms to gangs so they could fight Mexican gangs for the drug traficcing.

2)Do a military intervention in order to kick out the Asssad regime. Only problem is that you don’t know who (or whom) will take power in the vacuum related to the end of this regime. It’s also an expensive exercice both in term of human lives and for the treasury. Could turn out like Iraq or Somalia.

3)Have no military intervention, but help refugees in the conflict.

So, make your own choice.


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