Suicide is never the solution

As anyone with challenges with mental health could tell you (like me), suicide is a taboo subject in almost all societies, but it’s a reality on the field of many, many people who have challenges related to mental health. A good number of people doing the act of suicide have some sort of challenges related to the mind.

As a sort of inconvenient truth, the concept of suicide is indeed something present, and even if it is usually not culturally acceptable in western societies, it’s used as the solution of last resort for some people.

Reasons for people ending their lives by suicide are various, sometimes it’s because of depression, the sense that no help is available or a sense of desperation.

But one thing is sure, suicide is something complex and each person who have suicidal thoughts have a different background. The best thing to do if someone in your family or cercle of friends in having suicidal thoughts is to listen to them and see what is going wrongly in their lives.

Instead of ending our lives with suicide, we should restart instead by thinking that a fresh start is always something which is sometimes not easy, but possible to do. 

The first step, of course, is to open about this concept. Nothing could be forward without being open about this.


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