For Europe, Against the EU

There is no doubt that the European Union had become a political hot potato.

In the last few decades, the powers that the European Union had taken are considerable as the EU had become another level of government.

I do not believe that everything in the EU is bad. No doubt that a real free trade bloc without borders as big as the EU is good. Instead of building walls like in many other places in the world, the Schengen Accord had erased borders. Of course, no doubt that building free trade and exchange between European countries had made peace something sustainable, at least in theory. War and protectionism are not foreign at all one at each other.

But the rest of the EU is far more negative in scope, the EU had become an industry, another gravy train which is continental in scope. It’s also had become a maelstrom of laws, of directives and of an economical policy which is suicidal which have nothing to do about free trade. In fact, it had become economical planning at it’s best.

Many (as myself) were naive about the Euro more than ten years ago, but there is no doubt that the Euro had been a failure because of a basic economic principle, which is that having different currencies bring a comparative advantage for two people trading between two countries with different currencies. The problem with the Euro is also that nobody know exactly what will happens if any country will opt-out of the system.

People in countries like Greece also become captive of a system where everybody in the European Union is paying the price. As Germany is the main superpower in the Eurozone, it has no choice to impose a trusteeship. There is no doubt that the political class in Greece was foolish and living beyond their means which is something that few politicians would ever admit, but the Euro had made a bad situation worse, even through that devaluating a national currency is not something which happens without consequences as a quick-fix policy.

A choice will have to be made about the EU sooner then later. There is the path of a closer union, which will leads to one-size-fits-all social policies from Athens to Stockholm in order to achieve a more sustainable currency union. The other path is sadly one which have sleazy actors who are involved, who consider collectivism and nationalism to be their main reason for opposing the EU, while others on the far-left who strangely believe that the EU is a free-market conspiracy when it is a bureaucratic nightmare. Of course, political actors on both sides love the EU when they are part of the gravy train to get perks for themselves.

I am personally a Euro-realist as I believe that Europe (at opposed with the European Union) as a concept is strong due to massive progress in the last decades in transportation, commerce and communications. I also think that free markets, less barriers, less protectionism and more trade will make all Europeans more prosperous, but I am scared that this gravy train fueled by the European Union will at the end, makes everyone in Europe poorer, more frustrated and less open to the world.


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