A Tale of Two Obamas

Five years into his eight year term, the Obama presidency has been a failure. Here’s why:

Obama was elected in 2008 under promises which were basically not realist considering the situation. The problem is that he made quite a few things worse:

-Wars and foreign policy: Obama had been unable to please anyone with his foreign policy. Beyond his Nobel  »Peace » Prize, his policies had been quite interventionist on quite a few fronts (drones, war on drugs even to the point of arming gangs in Mexico, war on terrorism), and even in a way which were even more hypocritical than his predecessor. And his administration is seen as flip-flopping, the US diplomacy is seen as a joke, like a athlete who is beyond his prime and he is there only to finish his contract. Things like closing the prison in Gitmo may seem fun to promise at campaign rallies, but in power, it’s less easy doing a policy like that in the real world.

-Economy. The stock exchange is doing well? Who cares. The American economy is a shadow of its former self. There is a massive spending problem and way too much industries in the US are dependent of the state for their funding (whatever in military, transport or elsewhere). No wonder the big division in the US is now between the Capital area (which had seen a steady rise in income since 2008) and the rest (which had seen stagnation nonstop since 2008 except for a few regions).

-Transparency: Nobody believes the  »most transparent administration » meme anymore. As a fact, Obama presidency had been one of the less transparent in history. The Benghazi Affair, the Fast and Furious scandal, the massive use of executive orders and the NSA scandal were all things which the administration had given the impression of  »I can do what I want, and the hell with the consequences ».

-Healthcare: Obamacare is great, right? Meh. Obamacare is the second step after the Bush healthcare reforms, the third being to have a single-payer healthcare system. Probably a single payer healthcare system will cost less, but there is no doubt that it will be rationed to the core. Many American  »liberals » (who many had a fairytale vision of everything non-American) sadly want to have everything for nothing, and yet, any choices will have consequences.

-Clientelism: Every politician went to please his base, but the problem is that this Obama administration is always on constant election campaign. There is no doubt that the White House had been in a game which had not been constructive at all. A game where you blame the other side, yet you don’t bring any credible alternative. A game where you have a eat-the-rich attitude, except when receiving campaign donations and going at lavish fundraising parties with rappers and celebrities. Having a divided legislature and executive in American politics is not something rare, yet it is not a partisan divide anymore, it’s a game of egos.

-Lack of vision: There is no real plan to cut the deficit or the debt from anyone outside the fringe in Washington. One side is using scare tactics and horror stories to justify every program, while the other side (at least on its mainstream) is not interested in cutting military socialism or healthcare socialism for old people (because old people usually go vote). Fiscally, except using the question of taxes to do small-minded populism, there is no desire to reform anything to reform the American tax code which is probably the most complex in the world.

So, in conclusion, there is no doubt that  »my president, right or wrong » is the motto in this era of imperial presidency in American politics. No wonder, that more and more Americans are sick and tired by the political establishment in both major parties.


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