Never mind Obamacare, there’s another bigger problem on the Hill

I am sick and tired of American politics for one reason, the US had become like Italy, a corrupted state leaded by megalomaniac politicians who believe that pitching more money into everything, will actually solve everything.

I am tired of Democrats. They have someone in the White House who only vision is trying to finish his term and always blame the others on everything. For someone who is supposed to have been elected on a let’s unite America platform five years ago, President Obama try to divide and conquer at every occasion that he can. His transparency record is awful and he is very interventionist killing people with drones instead of troops. Many around the world are as hostile at the US government as they were five years ago.

Of course for a great number of Democrats, policies are not very important, what is important is that you have a couple of small token policies to keep your base happy. Nancy Pelosi is a good example of this, as her policies planks makes a 180 turn whatever the guy in the White House has a (D) or an (R) after his name.

Being a so called  »liberal » (I am myself a liberal in the classical sense) must be strange in the US in this day and age. Since early 2007 (when Democrats had controlled the legislative branch), American liberalism had become a mixture of reactionary social-spendocracy and neoconservatism on foreign policy or even at home. Progressivism in the US had somewhat returned to it’s roots 100 years which is one of foreign interventionism, of corporatism and of clientelism. We are really far from the live and let live attitude of old Hippies but rather in a Brave New World, where everything must be curtailed for  »our own good ».‮

I am also tired of Republicans. Their leadership had been atrocious and the fact that they are too stocked on social issues and massive military spending is sickening and not sustainable in any way. As much as the Tea Party sometimes have an incoherent sets of values, the movement had been able to elect a limited number of representatives who are much more principled than anyone else in congress. Many people who think themselves as Tea Party are absolutely right on one thing, it’s easy being in the position when you always have good intentions and the hell with the consequences for the future.

Also tired of partisans of both parties with their sheep attitude, the attitude that my party is first right or wrong. For many Democrats and Republicans, this comes before any coherent set of values or principles. Also the Beltway attitude is sickening, Washington DC had become the terminal of the gravy train when the vast majority of the US outside the beltway have done massive sacrifices in the last few years.

There are good people on the fringe of both parties (I think of Justin Amash or Ron Wyden), but sadly, outside the thinkers, the US political sphere is becoming a wasteland, one where one side is as clueless as the other and voting had become choosing between this random guy because the other guy is supposed to be worse.

PS: On Obamacare my position is a bit out of the box. I do think that it’s a continuation of George W. Bush medicare policy. However, politically, Obamacare will change a few things in the sense that it’s clear that healthcare will be rationed and even if all Americans will be insured, a downside will be that care will be rationed. And yet, with Obamacare, the Obama administration had opened a pandora box. Whatever the position of Democrats or Republicans on the subject, Medicare will sooner or later have to be reformed. This will hurts and could possibly bring a civil war in the both parties, one that is more complex that a battle between two opposed sides. This is why winning the public relations war on Obamacare basically means nothing.


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