A platform to help poorer people

All the rage these days is talking about the  »middle class » these days. And if the solution was actually to help rise the poorest people by having smart and bold policies?

-Take protectionism  you don’t have as much as an anti-poor policy than this. You help those who are well connected, rather than helping less fortunate customers having access to less expensive food, clothing and other products that they need. In a way, any form of protectionism is in a fact a double tax which is regressive. Poorer people are hurt the most by this.

-Another example is the cell phone industry, due to xenophobic laws which makes the industry a cartel, poorer Canadians pay a lot for something while being locked in contracts which doesn’t make sense. Of course if you are Bell, Telus or Rogers, you want protectionism to maximize your $$$ while offering bad services for what you are charging customers, but any customer (especially less fortunate customers) should lobby for a free market to have more competition and more bang for their earned bucks.

-Pension plans (especially those in the public sector) are also an anti-poor policy. Why? Because poorer people who don’t work for the state will never have access to a pension which they will only pay a faction considering what they will receive at the end. This only makes that a poorer person will pay more taxes and pay more and more for things like their bus pass only to finance pension plans which will sooner or later be dry with no money left in the bank.

-Education is also a big issue. Never mind university and all those people who rant against tuition costs, a bigger problem is that many younger people don’t even finish their secondary education. Note that many student leaders are middle-upper middle class people who don’t give a damn about those with a more technical education. Many of these leaders (but not all) only care about their about having their part of the gravy train.

It’s weird and sad at the same time that very few people care about this and this is indeed another proof of how many in the political class are disconnected from reality. We need a change in education policy. We need school vouchers for less fortunate families and charter (or free) schools to end the vicious circles of bad one-size-fits-all schools in some neighborhoods  Good free schools means a good working environment for teachers and other people working in education and not some stigmatized ghetto schools.

Don’t know however if anyone have the courage and the balls to put these ideas forward on the table.


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