Tsipras: The Starbucks of Euro-politics

With the European elections coming in a few weeks, one new party on the left had seen a jump in the latest polls in Italy.
No, no, the new Italian  »president » (the Pope Francis) had not decided to jump into European politics. It is indeed the Tsipras  »For Another Europe » List who is now polling as the new fourth party in Italian politics.
You are probably saying right now, Alexis Tsipras, the Greek opposition leader for this eco-anti-austerity (see the contradiction) SYRIZA party who is the second party in Greece?
It is indeed him, as he seemed to have crossed the Ionian sea to become the new poster boy of the Italian left. Even in Greece, the irony is that in recent weeks, SYRIZA went lower in polls with a new populist  »movement » called To Potami (The River) polling close to 10%.
This whole thing is indeed strange, but it’s part of a greater recent fad which is seen in the European left. After the Occupy (insert random place) movement in 2009, some among the left had become proponents of the Starbucks model of marketing. Something works elsewhere? Let copy it ourselves because it had worked elsewhere. This method is even more one-size-fits-all than McDonald’s itself, who indeed have quite a few local products all around the world adapted to local tastes.
With their political moves, the Italian left had become more Starbucks than Starbucks itself. That’s a bit strange, no? Especially from people who are making their political bread and butter against  »austerity », the Troika and foreign banks which are all consider as  »foreign » institutions or ideas.
But the problem goes deeper, the problem is that the European Parliament is becoming anti-European itself. Instead of celebrating what is making Europe special in the world, which is his incredible diversity in a small territory, the European parliament is trying to mish-mash party ideologies into strange and opportunistic brands. Of course, even if the political class have a bad press in Italy for ages (like in a lot of countries around the world), it’s up to Italians to find their own leaders and not wait for a savior coming from the Ionian Sea.
This is exactly why Tsipras is not the braveheart or the David of the Italian left. He is like a Starbucks in a sea of Italian cafés. An average, overpriced cuppa Joe in the land who invented cappuccino.

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