UKIP: populist but not racist

The forgotten elections, the elections for the European elections will be in the UK in a few weeks. It have such a low interest that the European Commission had decided to move it a few weeks back in the calendar (from the traditional early june date since 1979) when nobody had noticed it .

The talk of the week is that UKIP had released new billboards. They put the same theme, opposition of the EU.
As much as these billboards are graphical (in a quite cheesy and theatrical kind of way) and they use some bad rhetoric (no need to be a nationalist to be for Europe and against the EU), they have no trace of racism.

The only fault with UKIP immigration rhetoric is their strange neo-Malthusian rhetoric which makes UKIP similar to other major British political parties especially those on the left. Exactly, like some greens and like Malthus centuries ago, UKIP sadly think that Britain will become less prosperous because of  »unlimited immigration » as it will put a drain on resources.

I was excepting better for Britain’s foremost  »libertarian » party especially as Mr. Farage himself (employing his German-born wife working as his assistant) is a living proof that workers should be free to move with no borders involved.

Indeed, the bien-pensants ranting against the content of these billboards by shouting  »racist » at them are forgetting one important point. That the reality is that most countries control their immigration. Most pundits and bien pensants would not consider the Canadian or Australian points-based immigration policy to be racist, yet this is exactly what UKIP wants to bring forward.

And the double standard doesn’t stop there, do you think that the current American president who had been the president who deported the most illegal immigrants in history is considered a racist? Would many British pundits would say that the Democratic Party or the Obama administration is racist just like some of them did with UKIP?

The real injustice is that someone from Ghana or Canada don’t have the same rights as someone from Bulgaria to make a new life in the UK to make British society better. Being British should be about a state of mind, first and foremost.

There is no doubt that workers should be free to move from one place of the world to another. It had been something that radicals for centuries had been fighting for. Marx talked about uniting workers of the world, perhaps opening the labour market for every worker of the world would be a good start?

But saying that UKIP is racist just because they want a level playing for all immigrants is pure hypocrisy. Rather we should fight that rampant neo-malthusianism in the political spehere, which is still common, whatever the political party colour or logo involved with it. Stop using immigration and freedom of movement of labour as a doomsday device, like reactionary thinkers had done for centuries and use it instead as a tool for progress and prosperity.


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