Trudeau is pro-choice? Laissez-moi rire!

I will say it there at first, I am pro-choice (and pro-responsibility) for
anything, including the right for a woman to abort a fetus if she want.

But this sickens me to see that the Liberal Party of Canada will force (note their
irony) all their candidates to be pro-choice. It goes one step forward than the
being for the party platform, it is basically we will ask you, and if you change
your mind sometimes, somewhere, we will kick you out.

Why? Because it’s a sign of massive hypocrisy from the LPC. A sign that the party
whole accountability and transparency platform is a sham. Why? Because Trudeau
promised open nominations, he promised to be different than Harper. In fact, even
the CPC is having at least some open nominations in seats which are seen as safe
for the party (as the Rob Anders case had shown to us) like the NDP.

It’s also a affront to the electors of a given riding. In theory, our electoral
system is made that you vote for the candidate of a given party label. It’s up to
the voters of a riding to make their own choice if they could vote or not for the
approved party candidate in the riding.

The other problem is that we live in a  »big tent party » system, a political
system when parties are big coalitions. When you have 300 and something candidates
running in a given party, it’s normal that everybody don’t think alike for 100% of
issues. This is the case in all major political parties in Canada. Both for MP,
for party workers and for party members. This is why also some MP stay in their
office  »sick » for votes on some issues. Everybody have the tools online to see
how a given MP have voted on any vote.

But it’s also a proof that the LPC loves  »choice » when it’s suiting them. Choice
in healthcare provider, choice in food, choice in agriculture (with supply
management), choice to put your retirement funds where you want or school choice
(in a more provincial setting in the Canadian case) is something which Liberal
Party have little interest in.

This is why that like in US politics, the abortion question is a sort of veil, a
veil which is nothing other than an wedge issue to put other issues in the

PS: Wondering, if the Liberals put their Senate plan in place if in power, will
the people being on the panel to put candidates forward for Senate will have to say
to perspective candidates what is their take on abortions? Will they will be
biased considering they have been nominated by a party in power which doesn’t
accept candidates who are not pro-choice?


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