#UKIP: Or how the ghost of Michael Foot come alive tonight

1)UKIP is the main winner tonight. They have done really well especially in the metropolitan North where they are a strong second to Labour. They will probably finish first in the European elections.

They were able to get a mixture of Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem support. Just enough to finish first part the past like in last year local election.

UKIP also did very well in areas who are swinging from Conservatives to Labour during general elections. Based on the results in places like Basildon, the Essex Man steoreotype voted UKIP today.

There is also a sense that UKIP is going into Michael Foot territory, the former socialist leader of the Labour Party who was a strong eurosceptic. The Labour Party will have a lot of trouble in the next few months trying to get a coherent message on the EU.

2)The Tories did quite well in a few interesting areas. Birmingham for example.

3)For the Lib Dems, the real question is if the party will have more or less support than the Green Party on Sunday. UKIP had in a way become the new Lib Dems, the one having the bulk of the anti-system vote.



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