Why Ontario will bounce back #onpoli

We are in 2014.

From being the economical powerhouse of Canada, Ontario is now the slowhorse.

With a massive deficit, a ever growing debt, citizens who are cynical about everything, Ontario has the blues.

A province which is known for billion dollar boondoggles and for having their biggest city having a crack addict as mayor.

A province where another major city is leaded by a charged fraudster who is cozying up with the current premier.

Some regions in Ontario had a massive decline. Decline in employment, decline in population and a sense that nothing is going well. A sense of despair, of mediocrity.

In the last decade, very few in Ontario were ready to make the tough choices.

They said yes. Yes for burying their head in the sand. Yes to please every pressure group. Yes for thinking for the next election and not the next generation.  And want things want badly, they use the easy way out by proroguing the legislature.

Ontarians should fight back.

They should say yes to ending cronyism. Yes to reduce the deficit and the debt. Yes to make tough choices for the future. Yes to sometimes throw the smelly garbage out at Queen’s Park like we all do at home.

There is a need for a change of values in Ontario.

What is great is that millions of people have come to Ontario from the four corners of the world to have a better life.

Many of them know what hardship is. They are not pussies. They are fighters.

This is why Ontario could lead again. By the strength of Ontarians themselves.


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