I hate what Elliot Rodger had done and I also hate how people are using this tragedy

First of all, what Elliot Rodger had done in Santa Barbara was terrible. There is no way this sort of events are acceptable anywhere, at any time.

But I hate how some groups are using Rodger case as a sort of weird case to illustrate their point. These people are similar to religious zealots, people who want to do witch hunts.

I have Asperger Syndrome and I was diagnosed in 2002,  I take medications to control my anxiety and my depressive mood. I will probably take them for all my life and that’s fine. Some people who have AS have psychotic episodes, but many who have psychotic episodes do not have AS.

The other thing is that when have psychotic episodes, you are obsessed by specific things and it’s not rational in many cases. It has some similarities to some syndromes related to schizophrenia. This is why people should be very cautious about making any judgement. I have some psychotic episodes back in 2002 and 2003, and it was not fun. It was a real hell both mentally and psychically. For some people it even leads to suicide as a way to end their frustrations once for all.

But one thing is sure, if you consider that all men and women who have AS are similar to Rodger, you are going into the same generalizations that did a lot of damage in history.  And who will pay the price the most? People who have almost nothing in common with Rodger but who sometimes feel alone or not well understood.


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