Dear Lib Dems, just be liberals for now on, you have nothing to lose

The Lib Dems have one seat now in the European Parliament.

Is it a bad result? Yes. But I see it as a big opportunity. They have very little to lose.

Big problem with the Lib Dems is that the party was a bric-a-brac coalition between liberals, radicals, third ways, centrists and social democrats. This coalition cannot move on. You cannot live in the political arena as a third party without ideas just because you are not red or blue.

First of all, the Liberal Democrats should have a more constructive approach to the EU. It’s a massive problem when some of party cadres are living 0ff the European Union. You are not the Party of In when you are trying to be more Catholic than the pope in regards to the EU.

Second of all, it’s illogical that the Lib Dems become an orange New Labour Party. The Lib Dems should be the party of food choice, of drug reform, of property rights and or school choice. The party should have insist of being the laboratory for radical reforms. For example, the party should have party planks decided by online voting, the party should have a e-membership. The Lib Dems should also be for a free press, with no ifs or buts involved.

Third of all, it’s harsh saying that, but the Lib Dems have an economical policy which is Labour-lite. Even Orange Bookers are seen as wets, people with no spines. The party should rather focus on a new manifesto, one which insists more on a bottoms-up welfare system (such as with a basic minimum income) and a tax code which is reducted to his most basic expression.

If the Lib Dems are incapable of having constant policy planks, they change change their bird to the dodo bird. A dobo bird which is squeezed between a panoply of political actors all taking parts of the dodo bird left and right.


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