Back off the Internet

Like many people who are interested in the area of privacy, I have been following the NSA case for months and months.

One thing is sure. It’s sickening. The NSA is so much of a beast that even elected officials know very little about it’s internal policies or even basic figures in their budget.

It’s sickening to see politicians accept spying, but then turn around and say how bad it is when they are spied themselves.

But it’s naive to say that it’s just the NSA who does it. In Brazil it’s done, in Russia it’s done, in China it’s done. Whatever for security, industrial or technical interest. However, that Edward Snowden is used as a tool of the Russian government is secondary to the fact that he exposed things which went against the US Constitution. As Snowden was a public servant of the US Government, he did what is right by being a whistleblower.

This is why people (and elected officials) should become the watchdog of a state which is too intrusive in people bedrooms in the name of  »security ». You can have security with liberty, but you cannot have liberty with security.

There is no doubt also that the state should get off of the Internet. The example of the  »Right to be Forgotten » by the European Union comes to mind, and it has a chilling effect and it’s usually used by people who are well connected and have a lot of money and staff to waste.


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